Sunday, September 26, 2010

archive Cleaning up the clutter

Cleaning up the clutter

I killed...err...deleted some of my blogs yesterday, ergo the archive entries full of oddly timed entries. I suggest you skip those entries because they are just waaaaaaaaaay to long to read.

But I was confused when my list still said 6 blogs. So I check it out and saw that there was an option to undelete those blogs. I guess you can never really be free of the past especially your old self. You can try your best to delete them and be done with it but it just there, a part of your personal history. You can try to forget them. You can try to remove them from your life circle. But they're there.

Yeah, so I am not really talking about blogs anymore.
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    I joined the Your Story Haven forum

    I stumbled upon the website yourstoryhaven so I figured it wouldn't hurt to be a part of a forum for writers and readers. ^^

    I hope I can find more soon.

    I posted my Babala and Waves of Regret poem.
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