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Apr 9, 2010 4:51 PM
Learn English through books and movies
by Pinaywriter
Korean Top Subtitler Says Learn English Through Movies

"When you think English is difficult and boring, you begin to fear it. The fear leads to haste. Most people try to hurry learning it., but you can never master a foreign language in a short time." He recommends films and books. "First, films are interesting. You can approach the culture and dialogue that takes place in different locations like restaurants and public spaces and within different relationships, like between lovers, coworkers and family. Moreover, the English used in films is 100 percent real-life English, not dictionary English. It's the best textbook." After watching a film, he advises picking up from large bookstores or the novel the film was based on, the scenario or the novel based on the screenplay. Because you know the film, the book will be easier to understand, and that will give you confidence, he says.

For beginners, Lee suggests "Terminal," "I am Sam," and "Stand by Me." For intermediate learners, "The Sixth Sense," "Forest Gump," "Shall We Dance" and "Rain Man." Advanced learners might want to look at "American Beauty," "Good Will Hunting" and "The English Patient."

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Apr 9, 2010 4:39 PM
Checklist For a Soulmate?
by Pinaywriter

The renowned family psychiatrist Frank Pittman once said, "Nothing has produced more unhappiness than the concept of the soul mate."

Correct. Checkan. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?

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Apr 9, 2010 4:29 PM
Required Reading: Wizard of Oz
by Pinaywriter

I have finished reading the Wizard of Oz.

No offense to those who like the story but it was a drag to read. +_+;

I can recognize all the wonderful point where one could use the material for all sorts of philosophical and morality discussions but it was boring for me.

But I am considering asking my sister to read it so she can make use of it more than I could possibly do so.

I did pick up a think or two from it.

1. What you wish in all the world to have is ultimately something that you already have. It just takes you a while or may be a lifetime to recognize it.

2. There is no place like home...indeed.

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Apr 9, 2010 3:10 PM
My Salad Days
by Pinaywriter
"Salad days" is an idiomatic expression, referring to a youthful time, accompanied by the inexperience, enthusiasm, idealism, innocence, or indiscretion that one associates with a young person

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Apr 9, 2010 2:21 PM
Someday soon I will
by Pinaywriter

Someday you’re gonna realize
One day you’ll see this through my eyes
By then I won’t even be there
I’ll be happy somewhere
Even if I cared

I know you don’t really see my worth
You think you’re the last guy on earth
Well I’ve got news for you
I know I’m not that strong
But it won’t take long
Won’t take long

'Coz Someday someone’s gonna love me
The way I wanted you to need me
Someday someone’s gonna take your place
One day I’ll forget about you
You'll see, I won't even miss you

Someday someday

Right now I know you can tell
I’m down and I’m not doing well
But one day these tears they will all run dry
I won’t have to cry, sweet goodbye

Coz' someday someone’s gonna love me
The way I wanted you to need me
Someday someone’s gonna take your place
oohh.. One day I’ll forget about you
You'll see, I won't even miss you

someday, i know someone's gonna be there

Someday someone’s gonna love me
The way I wanted you to need me
Someday someone’s gonna take your place
One day I’ll forget about you
You'll see, I won't even miss you

Someday someday..
oh yeah...

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Apr 8, 2010 10:55 PM
I owe my mom...literally
by Pinaywriter
I feel like an OFW mom.
My real mom sends me my sister's grade. sister knows how to sms and she sent me her latest grades. She is smarter than me, that is for sure. I think I played too much and didn't really care about grades when I was in elementary. ^^ I mean, that is the best time to play, right?

Anyway. I have always dreamed of helping my mom with the finances in our home in Batangas. It was my number one dream as the first born to be able to give my mom money. But somewhere along the way I ended up owing her money. My parents haven't closed the Parents Bank. I think around our hometown it never does. +_+; That is a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because I am six thousand two hundred shy of my own laptop. But I still have to pay for my sister's tuition fee which is a thousand a month. (See mom, if you endured your empty nest syndrome a bit better then you would have one more semester to wait for my younger bro and all of your kids would be UP graduates. But no, you had to have a kid that was born in an era when education literally costs an arm and a freaking leg. *shakes head* I am never having children. If I would they would be home schooled.)

Anyway. Come June I would still be giving my mom the attendance incentive that I get from work. Only this time half of it would go to my sister's tuition and the rest would be deducted from the accumulated sum of my "mommy debt".

I wonder when I would be able to save money. +_+; She even plans to get me into years of debt by making me take a damn loan from Pag-ibig.

Aren't moms just freaking awesome?

I know mine is. Because otherwise, if I was left to my own devices, I would be a mother to two girls and married to a man who fucks everything in sight. And I would have to delude myself that I am with a man whom I can love and respect for the rest of our lives.

Yes. You know who you are. I am talking about you. +_+;

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Apr 8, 2010 9:04 PM
Rules and Regulation FAIL
by Pinaywriter
bear entered group chat (21:38:31)
Bo entered group chat (21:38:31)
I went blingky 2x
Bo (21:38:54):
dnt they know that it feels like there is a virus in my pc when they do that
it distracts us when it happens
bear (21:39:47):
he he
igh even when out the pc08 it's still blingky _+_+
Bo (21:40:04):
people want to quit because of them
bear (21:41:15):
trust issues
I know
I understand where they are coming from and I know there are a lot of people who dnt follow the rules
There it is again
it's happening right now
Bo (21:42:14):
I can't begin to quote how damaging this is to people in the long run
bear (21:42:39):
no balls
Bo (21:42:52):
no balls... hmph... i like balls
Bo (21:42:59):
I have members who want to leave because they feel they can find another place where they can be trusted, enjoy doing their job and not feel like they are trapped
It's unbelievable.
Even in contact centers there is a firm knowledge and an announcement made when there is a QA session.
I mean, you know that you are being monitored because it's necessary.
Bo (21:44:15):
For QA purposes. But this? It's uncalled for, rude and quite frankly, fracking insulting.
bear (21:45:04):
Bo (21:46:34):
here, here...
Adding undue stress to people who are already stressed
Bo (21:46:48):
i surely like to eat some balls
Well. I am not a big fan of balls.
bear (21:47:29):
company rules and regulations
Bo (21:47:34):
bear (21:47:38):
article 11
bear (21:48:08):
rumor mongering and othe acts that may tend to foster discomfort, disunity
bear (21:48:40):
low morale, intrigue or anything else that may adversely affect the compeny
bear (21:49:04):
its personel and its operations especially when in COMPANY PREMISES!!!!!
bear (21:49:12):
bear (21:49:21):
bear (21:49:23):
bear (21:49:26):
he is not here anymore. ^^
I will keep it up thought
Bo (21:50:13):
shithead - eew. baho ng ulo
bear (21:50:14):
they made the rules
I will make it a desktop thingy
bear (21:50:17):
Bo (21:50:21):
dapat maligo sya
bear (21:50:27):
Bo (21:51:12):
drinking maybe
bear (21:54:03):
wala sumuko na
Bo (21:54:17):
pero 2x?
three pla
short visits
Bo (21:55:16):
me too
Bo (21:55:17):
Bo (21:56:56):
lets putahas. sarap nun.
Bo (21:56:57):
over and out

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Apr 8, 2010 5:52 PM
Just Fire Them All
by Pinaywriter
Guys, please make sure that your members are not loitering around. It doesn't mean if a teacher has a 2 hour free time in his/her schedule, he/she can actually consume everything. Buying or eating food, using the training room etc.. can be done in these hours but please make sure that they are not overdoing it. Important messages such as sub classes might be sent to them during these time. Thank you.

+_+; Okay. So now we are to be told how to spend our break time and our free time. Do I need to explain the concept of free time to these people? I can understand the no-loitering thing. It does cause distractions and unnecessary noise in areas where there shouldn't be any. I can understand the people oughta stay put and do what they are told. But the demoralizing thing is that they expect people to not have a life while they are at work. I mean, seriously. Lead by example and I am sure the rest would follow you without ranting about it.

What baffles me is that these teachers can't find a way to make their lives easier. The messenger is also available at the work station that we use in the training area. So, why not log in there while they are away from their work stations. Then they can receive whatever message it is that they need to recieve. I esperienced this once so whenever I away from my cubicle, I try to put my messenger on "away" mode that would tell my boss or anyone who sends me a message that I am indisposed. This way, they can go look for me. But if I am in another computer, the first thing I do is log into that messenger so that I can get whatever message it is that I would need to receive. Easy, right? Not if you are running on dummy, apparently.

The new tighter reign is something that I can understand. But I am not saying I am going to just sit around and be Miss "Does everything you tell me". That ship has sailed. Just right after they moved me to a shift I hated and promoted me to a position I didn't apply for. I did warn people that I am not the best kind of person to ask to lead a group of people. But they always thought it was just me being humble and shit. I am not at all humble. I am more likely to get kicked out of my job now that I have ever been. I was perfectly content being the follower. They thought if they put me where I am now, I would blindly follow whoever they put in front of me. Sorry, I don't roll like that.

I only follow people I respect.

I only do what I want to do.
If the person in my team causes me inconvenience, I am more likely to kick him off my team than take any more of his shit. I would tolerate it to a particular percentage. But if he doesn't pull his weight like the rest of us and always cries uncle, wants special treatment and whatnot. Then he can just leave.

Like they say, how do you keep your employees happy? Fire the unhappy ones.

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