Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The third in bad luck streak

She has no idea that my day was bad. I don't really know why Mondays have been kicking me in the tush these days. I am this close to going Garfield on Mondays! It is not unusual for friends to ask me to buffer for them. But since I didn't have enough coinage to buy her a gift I said yes to an afternoon of sheer discomfort. This is something that I would only do for a handful of women. And thank God for that. Because I know for sure that I would either be eerily quiet or lash out on Wednesday.

No, I don't care if I am an ugly fat ass when I see them again. But if they ever say something about it, then I would conjure the worst possible curse in my head and make sure to put them on my MALUK list. (I would not need to explain this list. It's a secret list.) I for the life of me don't know how these two asswipes can even consider showing their faces to my friend. And the only reason why I am planning to go is because I would never let my friend be amongst wolves without me there to shoot them (at the very least, dirty looks. We all know how painful my tactfulness can be so I will have to leash my evil in.)

I caught the other one on-line and I know I have gone a long way from my old blurter self because I was able to entice her but not reveal who I would be meeting tomorrow. (Unless they meet their untimely death on the way to QC.) If she knew I know for a fact that she would flip out. And in her present birthday blues condition, it is not acceptable for her to know until I actually experience being in the same place with an ex flame and another deplorable human being.

But I am sure as the sun rises and sets that she would read this blog. And I pray she misses all the basic cues I have given. But this is my blog. And I will rant here as I see fit.

Come back again tomorrow for my hell-raising blog. I am sure you would love the implied curses there. ^_^

Gotta go for now.

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