Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Teacher's Uptraining: Forced reading list

If there was anything that I can be thankful for these days is that I was forced to read The Little Prince and is now reading, despite wanting to get knocked unconscious, The Wizard of Oz. I had not been able read anything worthy of a book review lately so I feel like I am getting rid of some cobwebs. I have to read them for an account we have where the student and the teacher would have to discuss a book that both have already read. I also managed to get a copy of the movie version of the Little Prince. It was a bit blah but it was a nearly perfect adaptation of a version of the book. The little prince was exactly like the one in my mind. It was a bit odd because of all the singing that the characters did. +_+;

I am on page 36 of the Wizard of Oz. +_+; I have a lot of pages to go. +_+; Oh well. At least I can add this to my mental library. ^_^

It's necessary to keep reading books if you want to teach a language. So I guess this is a win-win situation for me.
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    Procrastinating against my flabs

    I didn't go to the gym to register, yet again. I might try to go there by Friday. Perhaps I can start my first day on Saturday so that I don't have to groan my way through work. I am thinking that is the best way to go about it. Then I have to go to the darn freaking bride's maids dress fitting. I want to remember how fat I am several months before the wedding and this is the best way to go about it. Then I would have to just bring something to use to tweek the dress when the actual event happens. If I am still as fat as I was in that dress on the day of the wedding, then that just means I have to work out a lot harder. I don't plan to procrastinate once I have started so I guess it's understandable that I am stalling. I have to take Ruel's advice that I should drink more juice. I am thinking of buying food that I can cook at the apartment so that I won't have to worry about cravings and meals that I have to buy. And buying my own tumbler and food container might just eliminate all the Styrofoam trash that I have been accumulating. +_+;

    I might have to not smoke as much too. I would need the lung power for all the running and pulling that I have to do. +_+;

    And I am doing this not for myself, no, I can live with flabs I suppose. But I am doing this to get through that wedding without people pinching me like I am a child or goading me towards their ugly nephews because I look like the fat, sad, single cousin. I am doing this so that I can wear a bikini again and make sure the people who have hurt me would not be able to sit up, stand up or walk well when they see the old spunky me. If you catch my meaning. +_+

    Revenge would be served well in a 55 kg body.
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      I shall try

      It's hard not to be demoralized because of all the love letters they are shooting at us. +_+; Jesus. These people are really great it making people hate their workplace. They are just geniuses at it. I have never meet better demoralizers than them. +_+;
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        Awesome Day

        Bad things

        1. Found out that Mark says I love you to Honey.
        2. Got trapped in the elevator because of unscheduled brown-out.
        3. Got a first offense memo for bryan for loitering.
        4. Got a first offense memo for Ym chatting with Mark when Countersticker caught me.
        5. I am pretty sure someone stole my 2nd Cadbury chocolate. (Or maybe that someone was me but I didn't notice it)
        6. Someone asked me to check out their manuscript and they need it by tomorrow night.

        Good things

        1. Mary gave me two dairy milk Cadbury chocolates.
        2. Spike has a cough so he gave me the Cadbury chocolates that Mary gave him.
        3. Someone asked me to check out their manuscript (Ego boost)

        This day is just awesome. Really freaking awesome.

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