Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE: Introducing Kimchi Kikay

Introducing Kimchi Kikay

I am thinking that instead of rants in paragraphs, I can just make dialogues akin to Samantha Chronicles.

After finishing 6 20-minute classes.

Pinay: (needed to pee three classes ago) Finally...

Kimchi Kikay (manager): [on the KYM*] T. pinay. Pls see me.

Pinay: (in her head) What now?

Kimchi Kikay : [on the KYM*] Is your leave on the 12?

Pinay: [on the KYM*] Yes, ma'am. My alumni homecoming is on Feb 12. I told the HR about it last year.

Kimchi Kikay : [on the KYM*] Ok.

Pinay: I know that it's going to make my vaca four days. [Feb. 15 is a Korean holiday]

Pinay : [on the KYM*] I was hoping the homecoming would be on the 15th so that I won't miss work. But it wasn't.
(in her head) hihihihi.

Kimchi Kikay : [on the KYM*] ^^

Pinay: ^^ mo mukha mo

Pinay : [on the KYM*] Would my classes be cancelled or would they be given sub-classes?

Kimchi Kikay : [on the KYM*] Sub-class.

Pinay : [on the KYM*] Oh, goodie.

Kimchi Kikay: [on the KYM*] ^^

Pinay: O di natahimik ka. Pft.

*korean YM aka Kimchi YM

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