Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE : It never ends

It never ends

The odd thing is that they can't block the social networks, they can't regulate shit on our computers but they use free programs that block google (which we need when we want to show our students pictures of unfamiliar terms) and blogs (which are an avenue to get information as well as exercises for our students).
Oh, and opening our e-mail is also deathly illegal. Because apparently, ONLINE ENGLISH TEACHERS don't need to open their electronic mail. The odd thing is that the students send us messages and we communicate with old students who want to re-enroll when they have the time.
I can understand that I can't access multiply, facebook, friendster, and any other god-forsaken social site. BUT MY BLOG?!? *hyperventilates*
I am this close to uninstalling that shitty counterstrike on the free-browsing pcs. This.close.

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