Saturday, September 25, 2010

ARCHIVE: Applicant Bloopers

Applicant Bloopers

I am putting together something that would help me and my friends fight off the humdrum of work. I was wondering if you can help me, do you have any applicantion boo-boo or funny anecdotes of other people answering HR questions in a weird way? Preferably something that includes grammar errors.


Please place your story or simple entry here as comments.

Your help is sooo effin appreciated.

It would be more awesome if you can send it to me via email. Send it to

Email title: Applications: Grammar Fail

Entries can be like this:

HR: I see here that you live in Bulacan, would that be a problem with a shifting schedule?

A: I live in the Pasig area also. I go to...uh...back and the forth to Bulacan when I can. I live there permanently but I live in Pasig with my girlfriend...not permanently.

(I know lame example but I can't remember the exact thing I overheard when I was eavesdropping while someone else was interviewing me. ^^ So please share.)

If you have any other call center, operations, work grammar FAIL moments, please feel free to comment or send me the funny anecdote.

Thanks in advance. ^^

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