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ARCHIVE : Sleepy student - YOBO

Dec 21, 2009 5:36 PM
Sleepy student - YOBO
by Pinaywriter
Sam: Good morning, Daphodil!
Daphodil: (sleepy) Guh mornin, teecha...(yawn)
Sam: How are you today, Daphodil?
Daphodil: (yawns) Aymfaynetenkyuhawboutchu?
Sam: I'm great actually. Are you sleepy, Daphodil?
Daphodil: (yawns) No, teacher. (nods off)
Sam: Okay, let's start our lesson. Let's try to learn some new words okay? (mutes and freezes the screen) *yawns*
Daphodil: Yes.
Sam: (encircles a picture of a paintbrush) What is this, sweetie?
Daphodil: (nods off) Disisahpensul.
Sam: No, Daphodil, it's a pencil.
Daphodil: (repeats like a zombie) It's a pencil.
Sam: (yawns) Are you sleepy Daphodil?
Daphodil: No.
Sam: Okay? Is this a pencil? (encircles a book)
Daphodil: Yezitiz.
Sam: No, it's a book.
Daphodil: (zombie tone) Itszabuk.
Sam: What is this? (nods off)
Daphodil: (nods off)
After 15 minutes...
Sam: (wakes up) (mutes) Shemas. (unmute) Daphodil, what was your answer to my last question?
Daphodil: (realizes her class time is almost over) Teacha, time. Aygoskul.
Sam: Okay, Daphodil, see you tomorrow!

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