Saturday, September 25, 2010

ARCHIVE: Batanguenya si Pinaywriter - All I want for Christmas is Books

Batanguenya si Pinaywriter - All I want for Christmas is Books

As much as I am happy that I won't be home at the eve of Christmas because I would have to be in the same breathing space with the scum of a man husband of my cousin, it still sucks to be on the road while everyone is at home eating noche buena.

I would literally be on the street on the eve of Christmas. *inserts all known cursing here* I just hope I can get some plans together with some friends to make that morning more bearable. Calling all call center friends, tell me where you are and I will follow. ^^

I went home today after abandoning plans to go to Megamall to buy gifts for my godkids. I remembered that it would be with jam-packed with provincials and sales fanatics. So I just opted to stay at the apartment until I couldn't possible stay any longer without risking being on the streets with my paycheck in my make-up kit.

I found out that my sister and mom got me books for Christmas. ^^ yey! *photos to follow* It was three Nora Roberts paperbacks, one Danielle Steel paperback, and a hardbound INK DEATH. I was surprised that my mom got it for just P20! Jesus.

Me: Inay, kapag Scholastica ang publisher kunin mo kasi mahal un sa totoong buhay! (Mom, if the publisher is Scholastica, you should take it because it's really expensive!)

Nora Roberts *Ftw*
Nora Roberts. *that's much better*

I didn't hope for gifts this year, I just want it to be over. But I guess there are some good things about it.

I am just happy my family is intact and my parents are proud of me despite me being flabbier and crazier. I had my fun, I can do with less dangerous adventures but still just as fun.

2010, I wonder...what gifts do you have for me?
*photo my dad, mom, little sister (lee) and cousin (cid) [on the floor]* 121909

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