Saturday, September 25, 2010


LyfisSTRANGERdanFiction - RIP

This is where I am going to put my old entries from my old lifeisstrangerthanfiction site.

This was a picture that I took in a computer shop near the UPLB campus. It's near Ilag's. It was during that time one of the cooler ones since the computers were new and all in good condition. I think the lady in the counter was a flabby and I was making fun of her.

Or I was looking at something pornographic online. Which wouldn't be far from what I actually do. I remember that this was during the MRC era. Facebook was nowhere near my dreams and Friendster was something that was still cool amongst my peers.

-> I think I was looking at this. There was a collection of images that featured body paints of zodiac signs. ^^
I am a Gemini, so I posted it. Duh. I have the copy somewhere in my old yahoo photos, which we know had to be migrated and most of my old pictures got deleted into whereever net abyss lost data go to die.
-> I am trying to remember if this was during the Sadako fad but it probably was. I used this picture as a profile picture for a while. Scared the right kinds of people I guess. ^^

-> I am thinking this was just another offset in that group of scary eyes group.

-> This one is a group shot with my friends from college. The one not in the picture is Helene.

From the left : Arianne, Kaye, Moi, Reina

Luvshak Goddesses 2005

-> My life in college would have never been the same if not for ICEBAG. This collage of pictures is from the ICEBAG 4 GABI NG LAGIM production. I was part of the Props committee.
I was a part of Icebag 2, 3 (I am not sure if I was but...), 4 and 5 (the chinese one) *need to recheck this info my memory is sooo bad. I was usually in production, music team or props. I have stage fright so I don't go onstage to act. Plus I would suck.
But I haven't been able to watch all the ICEBAGS after that. I was saddened by the fact that the concept got censored.

This was taken from the old Luvshak apartment. Sepia addiction mode.

I think this was an Antigone picture. Propsmaster. Big Greek head and lots of pigeon shit and rugby.

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