Saturday, September 25, 2010

ARCHIVE: Headline reader

Headline Reader

(the picture showed the headline with a promo wrap about CATs the musical)

I haven't bought a newspaper in a long time.

Come to think of it, I never really had to. My mom works in a newspaper and magazine store so I have been able to read anything from Funny comics to Inquirer to Cosmo and FHM without having to pay for it. She would even bring home back issues of Newsweek, Time and Agriculture. So reading them had been my way of getting information that my other peers tried to get from television.

But for the longest time I have stopped buying let alone reading newspaper. Or even watching any. I became a headline browser. That is how disillusioned I had become.

But that morning INQUIRER's headline read "Palace lifts Martial Law" I dished out a twenty peso bills. (Last time I remembered it cost P15 but that was a long while ago.)

I took it home and took a picture of it. I posted it on Facebook and I was surprised that people focused on the CATS ad than the headline. I was happy about the musical, sure. But I was appauled that people tend to move past this great piece of news for something that is not really socially relevant. I know that I am like this at times. But it sucked. No offense to my friends who made the comment. IN our defense, we love musicals.

I have been reading things online and it makes me feel worse that the headlines spell nothing but catastrophe and murderers.

So really, Merry Christmas?

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