Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE: The death of a mother on the day of the Divine Mother

The death of a mother on the day of the Divine Mother

I had hoped that once 2009 ends then we would have a better year ahead of us. But before the first day could even end, news of my aunt's eternal slumber broke the festivities.
She had been fighting lung cancer for a while now. 2009 had been a year of great challenges for their family.
My mother and her close cousins had visited her two weeks before she died. They were able to talk and share time together. They had one last great time together before she went. So now that we are in their home, there is no great weeping that occured because of this. They had been able to cry in their homes before they went to Cavite for her wake. People talked around her and about her with her silently listening to the lives of those that she has left behind. Stories about her last smile and the comforting words of her son that they would be okay and that she can go and rest with their father.
That night, new year of 2010, her daughter and son became orphans. She left with them years of love and doting care for grandsons. She had accepted the other son of her husband to be one of her own. She had left her family whole and well-loved. She had wanted to stay to share more moments with them, to share in their life until she is old and grey. But her love and care will remain with them even after she leaves their home.
They had hoped to bring her home with her husband. But finances is stopping them from doing so. Even after all that had happened, she would have wanted that, I think.
So even after hours of getting lost in traffic, family members hug, kiss and smile. They would miss her but surely our beloved aunt, their sister-in-law and mother is now in a better place.

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