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ARCHIVE : Enter Stage Left

Enter Stage Left 
published Dec 17, 2009

I have made so many blogs (this is my sixth in blogger) in so many sites that I am feeling like that kid who threw clay on the wall and is now facing a wall full of dots. IN light of recent events, me realizing that by next year I am already 25, and the shitty year we all seem to be having, (Seriously, 2009 sucked so hard it makes catastrophe seem like an understatement.) I decided to make just one blog. And for the first time in my life, follow through with it. ^^

So I hope to slowly migrate my stuff in here. So forgive me Blogger for the spam that you would seem to be receiving. It's just me being me. Putting scattered pieces of me together.

Dear Friends, bloggers and random netizens:

Feel free to go grammar Nazi on me anytime.
If you think what I am saying here sucks, you are probably right. But please bear in mind that it is my blog. I will try to be as MYSELF as possible. Let's all learn to respect our own warped sense of justice and ethics while having a rational or even a pointless debate about what life and love is like for someone who doesn't have a life.

I hope to learn how to make 2010 a better year for me. And this blog would be the place where I would tell you just how better 2010 (and all the years after that) is than 2009. ^^

It's 16:10 of December 16, 2009. I have a class in about nine minutes. (Did I mention that I am an online English teacher?) So I have to go. Oh and blogs are not allowed at work.

Yeah, right. Like I would follow that.

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  1. Good luck Nin! I always love what you write. I agree in ur case it's a bane not a boon yung dala ng mga espanyol. Sayang yung mga nag disappear. Di bale u can write as many posts in a day to compensate the agony of losing the old ones. Cheer up!


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