Saturday, September 25, 2010

ARCHIVE: Click Here Society

I am a social site addict.

I tend to overdo it too.

I will put all my social site links here just so they are in one place. (For some reason, the list thingy on my user won't show and it's becoming effin frustrating that I just want to pull out all of my hair so I am putting them here)

Let's start with my Twitter account

Then there is my tumblr account 

I would put my facebook account here.

I shouldn't forget my multiply account.

Then there is my obsolete friendster account.

I think I have a myspace account that I consider dead to the networld.

But where I usually am and where you can almost always catch me in is MY PLURK ACCOUNT. 

So feel free to follow, stalk, bug and talk to me on these sites.

But really keep in mind that...

One, I do not "wanna have sex?" with you.

Two, I like conversations not covert flirting with perverts, idiots and as*holes.

Three, yes I would add you as a contact. Just don't piss me off. Or there is a block this person click action that would occur.

Most thoughts on social sites next time.

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