Saturday, September 25, 2010

ARCHIVE: Project 2010

Project Twenty-Ten

Written: 121709 1246AM

2009 had not been a good year for me. For most people it would be the worst they ever had. People lost homes, family members and even their own sense of right or wrong. But those things should be left to the past and the lessons learned from it carried to the next year like war wounds that have healed but still hurts. It should not let us lose hope. We are Filipinos. For me, that holds merit, regardless of what the world thinks of us. Or what we think of ourselves.

So in 2010 I have decided not to let my new shift ruin my fun nor my insomia go to waste. I am so done with resolutions, they never happen because sometimes even the promises we made to ourselves are meant to be broken. Why? Laziness. That is the only reason.

So I am going to call them Projects.

1. The SIZE TEN project.

Return to a size then by this time next year. This must be done without resorting to starving one's self. Details will follow.


With two fanboys, I must learn how to use and utilize flash to make the hilarious lives of online teachers be known to the netizens.

I will own that shirt by this time next year.


Will make and update a blog that would organize all my written work and ranting.

By this time next year, all of my blogs that are scattered all over netlandia must be deleted.

If possible, must learn how to use Adsense. ^^ If you can help me feel free to direct me to links and such.


Since I have been thrust into this position anyway, I should be able to get my sh*t together by this time next year. Hopefully I would have at least experienced getting a group incentive once in the whole 12 months of next year.


By this time next year, I would have paid for EROS (my laptop) completely. And I would have decrease if not paid my debt to my mother in full. Fifty-seven thousand in fact. (Please no judgment.)


I have three novels to finish there is Elbi nights, Naomi and Gan and Natasha. I need to finish those but they are not a priority.

There. That is what I want for 2010.

Everything else would just be a surprising element to my year.

Please 2010, be good to me.

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