Saturday, September 25, 2010


Okay, so here's what happened.
Stop laughing, it's not funny.
In one massively pedestrian yet truly epic stupidity I deleted my google account. I thought that the blogger that is mentioned there was just the access it had on my blogger account. Silly me, I am not the kind to think that yes because it was not the log in, it meant that it would disappear completely if I deleted it.
Do you want to know the reason why this happened in the first place?
Greed. That's why.
I wasn't happy with the fact that my payee name for my google adsense was without the spanish ñ in my otherwise holier than heck name. (Thanks mom and dad yet again, my life was ruined by the girly name you gave me that requires special keystrokes to type.)
So after hours of trying to figure it out, I deleted my google adsense completely. I made a new one with a different gmail account that I was using as the new EPAL in Chief of T.O.P. I had the brilliant idea of trying to change my primary e-mail for my google account. After even more hours of trying to do that, I decided, what the heck, delete the old one and make the new one my primary one. 
Little did I know that once I deleted the blogger that was in that list everything archived with it would be gone forever too. After all, I had moved my uplbchic account to my new google account. I figured they would stay were they were and I could just change the accessing e-mail to the new one. 
But noooooooo, that was my first mistake. 
When I realized all my old blogs, rants and worse, my wining piece on PEBA (winning piece daw o nangarap) was gone the glass shattered. 
I might just have my very first regret ever. 
You see, I am of the Hakuna Matata persuation. I take things as they come. And as long as it doesn't kill me I roll with the punches. Those old blogs didn't contain state secrets but the fact that I would never retrieve my rants didn't bother me at all. They were just reminders of my past stupidity. 
And honestly, good riddance. 
But the comments are gone and the fun stuff that I wrote there are gone. 
I would probably try to recreate them if I ever find any archives. But if I don't then that is too bad. 
Still I regret not putting my PEBA entry on some kind of back-up. If I did have one, I probably deleted it thinking I already had it on my blog so I didn't need a file for it. 
Major mistake. 
So I guess I learned a lot today and not the least bit of it is that Google can ruin your life if you let it. ^_^ Kidding. 
Still I need to be careful where I click next time. And if I am not sure, I should just let things be. 
Like they told us in PMT, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
They should add something to that. If it ain't broke, don't tweek it. ^_^

Oh well.
New blog. New rules.
No more emo blogs about exes. 
Always include positive points even when it's a rant blog. 
Write more poems.
Do more interesting things so that one can actually have useful blog entries. 
Oh, and if this isn't a sign from GOD that I should move on and find another man to love, I don't know what else he'd do. And quite frankly, I don't want to get hit by a bus or lightning. 
Bro, thanks and yes, I think this is a big enough hint. 

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