Saturday, September 25, 2010

This is why you should be nice to IT guys

Because of my idiocy I thought I had lost everything that I wrote in my first blog. It turns out it's still there somewhere in the Googlelandia my blog was still there.

Thank you so much to Carlo Dimaandal. I can get most of them back. ^_^

Even if I don't qualify for the PEBA anymore, my blog about my mom lives.

This is why you, yes you, the idiot jock who pulls pranks on the geek in your class, will pay. One day you will need his help.

At least in my case I didn't bully Carlo. Yata!!!

Mabuhay ang mga IT, mabuhay ang mga techie friends.

Gusto ko ng techie na boyfriend. Please send your FB link here ehehe joke lang. ^_^

So please be forewarned the next 400+ blog entries are archives do not read them.

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