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ARCHIVE : SamChronicles 1.1 R and R

SamChronicles 1.1 R and R

Samantha comes out of the office. Lights a cigarette.

Sam: (looks up) Shet. Is it raining?

Jes: Laway mo lang yun. [That's just your saliva.]

Ash: Ang taas naman ang inabot ng laway nya. It's the aircon unit, dummy. [Her saliva can't got that high. It's the aircon unit, dummy.]

Sam: (sighs) Thank you, Lord. (looks up and gives the sky a thumbs up)
A black car stops in front of the building.

Jes: I love black. My name is...Rain. (laughs)

Ash: Kanino yayn? [Whose car is that?]

Sam: Sa kafatid ni gaga. [Her so-called brother.]

Jes: Uyy...alam. [ you do know...]

Ryan comes out of the car.

Jes: WTF? Why are you here?

Ryan: Your brother fetched me.

Rain gets off the driver side.

Rain: Too bad it didn't rain.

Sam: Kanina laway ko. [It rained saliva earlier.]

Girls: (laughs)

Rain: Hatid na namin kayo. [We'll give you a ride.]

Sam: Can't. I have to go to Diliman. My brother has my digicam.

Rain: (scratches the back of his neck) What da--? (thinks) I could drop the kids at the apartment then you and I can both go to Diliman.

Ash: Excuse me. Merong out of the equation dito. [Excuse me, there is someone who's out of that equation. How about me?]

Sam: It's okay. I can manage. I'll go ahead gurls. (kisses Ash and Jes goodbye)

Ryan: Si Rain wala? [How about Rain? Doesn't he get a kiss?]

Sam: Wag na. Nakakalason ang laway ko. Amoy kimchi. [My breath smells like kimchi. It's poisonous now.]

Girls: (laughs)

Samantha walks away.

Sam: (mentally hitting her head for not saying yes) Lord. Temptationess. Ihatechu. Ihatechu right now.

Sam's phone: Happy na sana ang Valentines ko kasi... [I could have had a happy Valentine's Day...]

Sam: Kasi you saw me? Hay naku boi. Tigilan.ako! (murmurs to self)

Sam's phone: Why do you need your digicam ba?

Sam: (types) I have to go to my alma mater tomorrow. Febfair sa UPLB.

Sam's phone: Dapat talaga sa UP na lang ako nag-aral. [I almost attended that school.]

Sam: (types) Too bad. E di sana masasamahan mo ako tomorrow. [Too bad, then you would've been able to go with me there tomorrow.]

Sam's phone: Bawal ba sa school mo ang hindi alumni? [Are non-alumnis banned there?]

Sam: (types)Hindi noh. Anybody is welcome to join in the festivities pero tomorrow puro Homecoming na etc. Kaya nakaka-OP. [Not really. Everyone can join in the festivities but it's mostly homecoming parties so strangers tend to feel out of place.]

Sam's Phone: OP sa UP. ;-/ Pero pwede bang sumama? [OP in UP. But can tag along?]

Sam: (thinks) Shet.ka.Lord.Shet.Pak.Shet.
(types)Ikaw...bahala ka. [It's up to you.]

Sam's phone: It's a date then.

Sam: (screams) Shet!


Disclaimer: This thing is completely fictional. I wrote with some of my friends' attitude in mind. But each person is a hodgepodge of many others. ^^ I tried to translate it to English (the taglish parts) but I found it less funny, so bear with the stupid translations. I didn't know what I was doing when I did that. ^^ If there are typos, forgive me. But feel free to point it out. If there is something in it that offends you, feel free to point it out. ^^ If there is something that makes you laugh, feel happy and suddenly nostalgic, feel free to point it out. Written: Feb 14, 2008 - Feb 2009

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