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ARCHIVE : SamChronicles 1.2 In the Making

SamChronicles 1.2 In the Making

Tranzilvania Elevator

Sam: (singsong voice) I'm going to elbi... I'm going to elbi... I'm going to elbi.

Jes: (joins in) She going to elbi... She's dating my brother... They'll end up drunk...

Sam: Shattap. I am fleeing him. Just so you know. If you tell him. I swear I will never log you in ever again. You will be late forever too.

Jes: You are making me choose between you and my brother.

Sam: Oh please, Jes. He is not really your brother. Don't keep calling him that.

Jes: Hey, don't rain your angst on me. Rain and I are family. We were just born to different parents.

Sam: Whatever. But if he tags along with me, I will not be able to have fun. I have plans gurl!

Jes: But didn't you say you wanted to avoid Rake. Then bring Rain along so you would have someone with you the whole time.

Sam: If this backfires, I will kill you.

Jes: No it won't. I promise. Oh, and you can even get him to pay for everything.

Sam: I am sleeping at my brother's. Where will he sleep?

Jes: He has a car, you guys could hurry up and give me a playmate in one of those hotsprings places there. Or in a courthouse.

Sam: (struggles not to hit Jes) Urh...must.control.temper. Must.not. kill.bestfriend.

Samantha and Jes get off the elevator.

Rain: Hey.

Jes: Ay may excited.

Sam: (to jes) Shattap.
(to rain) Hey. Ang aga mo naman.

Rain: Baka kasi takasan mo ako.

Sam: Mag-goodbye ka na sa perfect attendance mong bruha ka.

Jes: You guys enjoy ha. Una na ako.

Rain: Oh, Ryan is waiting for you.

Sam: Digital ang karma.

Jes: Ihatechu. Bakit mo sinama dito?

Rain: Para hindi ako mukhang jologs na naghihintay dito. Kanina pa kaming 1.

Sam: Do you really want to go?

Rain: I brought my camera. (shows her his cam)

Sam: (wipes imaginary drool) Okay, you're in. But one complain from you and you die. Capish?

Rain: (salutes)

Sam: Oh and you will be my official photographer.

Rain: Ah ganun?

Sam: (suddenly pissed off) DON"T EVER SAY THAT LINE. (breathes heavily to calm down)

Rain: What's wrong?

Sam: I just remember someone when I hear that. Rule number two: Never say "Ah Ganun." in my presence.

Rain: Are there more of these rules?

Sam: Yep. A lot more.


Disclaimer: This thing is completely fictional. I wrote with some of my friends' attitude in mind. But each person is a hodgepodge of many others. ^^ I tried to translate it to English (the taglish parts) but I found it less funny, so bear with the stupid translations. I didn't know what I was doing when I did that. ^^ If there are typos, forgive me. But feel free to point it out. If there is something in it that offends you, feel free to point it out. ^^ If there is something that makes you laugh, feel happy and suddenly nostalgic, feel free to point it out. Written: Feb 14, 2008 - Feb 2009

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