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ARCHIVE : SamChronicles 1.3 : Traveling blues

SamChronicles 1.3 : Traveling blues

Rain: (in his head)
Women and their rules. Just give me a few days and you will be following my rules.

Sam: (waves her hand in front of his face) Earth to Rain!

Rain: Oh.

Sam: I am in a bit of a hurry. I need to beat the damn rally that is supposed to clog Ayala today. So I would appreciate it if you tell me now if you do know how to get to Laguna or not. Because seriously, I do not have time to get lost today.

Rain: Don't you know the way.

Sam: (slaps her forehead) That's it. You are not coming with me.

Rain: Wait. I can get a map.

Sam: Don't bother. I am in too much of a hurry to drag you. I will take the fx then the bus. You. Stay here. Figure out how to get to LB on your own.

Samantha walks away.

Rain: (in his head)
Damn. I knew I did not think this through.


Sam, wait.

Samantha stops and turns around.

Sam: (irritated) Seriously, Rain. I am not in the mood to be late.

Rain: How hard is it to get to Laguna? I can figure it out. I have been there once before to a resort. I am sure I can take you there, no problem.

Sam: (in her head) This guy can't just give it up, can he?

Fine, where did you park your car?

Rain: Outside.

Rain ushers Samantha to his car. He opens the door for her.

Sam: Chivalry is not dead.

Rain: (laughs) (in his head)
I actually just don't want you to bang my door that is why I am opening and closing it myself.

Sam: Nice. (touches the interior)

Rain: (in his head) Yeah. Put your print in it why don't ya. Igh.

Sam: Okay. If you are going to space out all day I might as well leave you here and drive off.

Rain: (snaps out of his thought bubble)
Oh, sorry. I was just...

Sam: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we can talk about whatever is bothering you when we are ACTUALLY in Lb grounds. Ayt?

Rain: Hindi ka demanding noh? [You're pretty demanding, aren't you?]

Sam: (irritated) Any other day I would have a witty retort but right now, I am in a hurry. So please. Two words. HAUL ASS.

Rain: Yes, ma'am.
(in his head)
Why am I doing this?

Rain's inner voice: Because Jes told you to.

Rain: (in his head) Women are so manipulative.
(shakes his head)

Sam: Wake me up when we get out of the city. (closes her eyes)

Rain: Oh no, you don't! The navigator doesn't get to sleep.

Sam: Do you want me to drive instead?

Rain: Do you have a license?

Sam: (takes her license out of her bag)

Rain: Fine. (he pulls up and gets out of the car)
(in his head)
If I have to go through with this, I might as well not get too tired.

Sam: (gets out and gets behind the wheel)
Seatbelt, please.

Rain: Don't drive too fast.

Sam: (gave him a wide grin) Me, fast? Oh please. (faces the road) Seriously. Wear your seatbelt. It's an O.C. thing.

Rain: Fine. (wears his seatbelt) Happy now?

Sam: Yep. (steps on the gas)

Rain: (almost fits the dashboard) Woah! Watch it!

Sam: (laughs) Just checking if you have your seatbelt on.

Rain: (in his head) Crazy woman. Why I ever let myself loose that drinking bet, I will never begin to understand. Now I am stuck with this loudmouth who is incapable of driving a stick.

Sam: (turns on the cd player)

Jazz music plays

Rain: (yawns)

Sam: Eurgh. (turns on the radio)

Hiphop music plays. Dilemma plays in the background.

Sam: Ah...perfect.

Rain: (in his head)

Sam: You can go to sleep if you want. I don't mind. I'll wake you up when we get there.

Rain: Or when we get lost.

Sam: Yes...and would that include if we get into an accident too?

Rain: (chokes)

Sam: I'm kidding. Relax. Go ahead. Sleep.

Rain fights against his own exhaustion but for some reason, sleeping was much better than listening to distorted rapping and pseudo-singing.


Disclaimer: This thing is completely fictional. I wrote with some of my friends' attitude in mind. But each person is a hodgepodge of many others. ^^ I tried to translate it to English (the taglish parts) but I found it less funny, so bear with the stupid translations. I didn't know what I was doing when I did that. ^^ If there are typos, forgive me. But feel free to point it out. If there is something in it that offends you, feel free to point it out. ^^ If there is something that makes you laugh, feel happy and suddenly nostalgic, feel free to point it out. Written: Feb 14, 2008 - Feb 2009

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