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ARCHIVE : SamChronicles 1.5 what dreams may cum

Jan 4, 2010 6:18 PM
SamChronicles 1.5 what dreams may cum
by Pinaywriter

Rain: So, where to now?

Sam: Let's find my stupid little brother.

Rain: Where is he?

Sam: He told me he is at his org's booth.

Rain: And where is that?

Sam: I dunno. Let's look for it.

Rain: (sighs)

Sam: You can look around for cuties while I look for my brother. Just try to stay close. I don't want to have to look for you too.

They moved around the booths three times.

Sam: (on her phone) Baks, nasan ka ga?

Rain: (in his head) Naging batanguenya bigla?

Baks: I'm in S.U.

Sam: Pakset. Akala ko nasa booth ka.

Baks: Kanina.

Sam: Fine. Don't move. I'm stealing your house keys.

Baks: Hurry. I'm in the lobby.

Sam: (to Rain) Follow me.



Baks: Ang tagal mo.

Sam: Sorry, pwedeng mag-sorry?

Baks: (holds out his palm) Transient fee.

Sam: Keys first.

Baks: (holds out the key with his other hand) Sabay tayo.

Sam: Parang drug by-bus operation lang. (grabs the keys and places money on Baks' hand)

Baks: (looks at Rain) Boyfriend mo?

Sam: Nope. He's Rain.

Baks: Like the artista? Kamukha.

Rain: (in his head) I hate it when they say that.

Sam: (laughs) Yeah, he loves black too. Haha.

Baks: Nililigawan mo ba ang kapatid ko? (tease)

Sam: Baks!

Rain: Hindi pa. (winks)

Baks: So mababa pala standards mo.

Sam: (hits the back of Baks' head) Gaga. Magtigil ka.

Rain: (laughs)

Sam: Isa ka pa. (tries to hit Rain's head as well)

Rain: (stops her by the arm) Halik ang kapalit nya. Sige ka.

Sam: (big eyes) Ew.

Rain: Akala mo naman 'to.

Baks: Pakipot lang yan. (laughs) Pero ingat ka. Nakakalason ang laway nya. Me epektong nakaka-addict.

Sam: (high fives her brother) Up here. Down low (low five)

Rain: Pansin ko nga. Me stalker sya eh.

Baks: Alin? Madami sila.

Rain: There is more than one of that guy?

Baks: You met Rake? Hala, ate.

Sam: I know. I'll tell you some other time. I have to go to my alumni homecoming thingy. I'm hungry. Free food dun. Let's go.

Baks: Can I come?

Sam: Nope. Isa lang ang plus one. And mine is him.

Baks: Madaya.

Sam: Belat. Sige, I'll see you later. Oh btw, we are drinking at your place so hurry back. Capish?

Baks: (salutes) Shege. Fag hindi fa akoh lasheng.
(to Rain) Nice meeting you, Pare.

Rain: Sige.

Sam: Wait, picture pala. (poses with Baks)


Baks leaves.

Rain: Where to now?

Sam: Chino's.

Rain: Where is that?

Sam: I honestly don't remember.

Rain: What?

Sam: I don't eat there that often when I was studying.

Rain: Are we leaving my car here?

Sam: I guess we could. It won't be taken or anything.

Rain: Can't I park it at your brother's place?

Sam: I guess that's a better idea. Let's go there first.

Rain: (sighs) (in his head) This woman is exhausting to be with.

After parking the car...

Sam: (walks as if trying to remember where to go) (stops) There it is!

Rain: (in his head) Thank the gods.

Samantha comes into the restaurant first and there was an explosion of "ATE SAMMIE!"

Rain: (looks around the people who greeted Sam warmly) (in his head) At least there are some eye candy here.

Sam: (to Rain) Could you take our picture? (she hands him six digicams)

Rain: Are you kidding me?

Sam: It's a film org. We are picture-whores.

Rain: Hindi naman halata.

Ysa: Ate Sammie, wawa naman ang boyfriend mo. Dinala mo lang para taga-kuha ng picture.

Eds: Honga. Ang gwapo naman ng photographer mo.

Sam: Hayaan nyo sya. Camera naman nya ang crush kong tunay.

Eds: Honga. Ang laki ng camera nya.

Eds/Ysa: (laughs)

Sam: Mga bastos.

Eds: Uy, pa-virgin.

Ysa: Hindi mo pa nakikita ang camera nya noh?

Sam: Hindi no. Kuha nga sya ng picture.

Eds/Ysa: (laughs)

Sam: Tumigil nga kayo.

Rain finishes taking the pictures.

Eds: (approaches Rain) I'll take a picture of you two naman.

Sam: Wag na.

Eds: Ano ka ba naman, ninang? Para me remembrance kayo na nandito ka with your boyfriend.

Rain: Talaga lang ha? (looks at Sam for an explanation)

Sam: (whisper) Pagod na akong mag-deny. Just go with the flow. I will explain to them na lang some other time.

Rain: (laughs) Sabi mo eh...mahal ko.

Sam: (whisper) Don't call me that!

Ysa: Ayan na nagbubulungan na! Nakakingit ka, 'Te Sammie. Artistahin ang bf mo.

Rain: (mock shyness) Maganda naman ang mahal ko kaya bagay kami. (puts his arm around her shoulders - resting it on the chair)

Sam: (in her head) Batukan ko kaya 'to?
(tries to remove his arm but fails because he grips her) Shet. Malakas ka pala ha. Tingnan natin. (leans over and places her head on his shoulder) Patibayan tayong manyakis ka.

Rain: (starts to feel uncomfy) (in his head) Fuck.this. (strokes her hair) Let's see if you won't flinch. (kisses her hair)
(outloud) Amoy yosi ka mahal. (laughs)

Sam: (mock laugh) (elbows him)

Eds: Tama na. Naiinggit na kami.

Sam: (stands up) (Rain's hand get a hold of her hand) I need to pee. You wanna come with? (smirk)

Rain: (let's go of her hand) Bilisan mo ha. Baka ma-miss kita.

Sam: (pinches his cheek) Ang sweeeet sweeet sweet mo talaga. (turns away towards the bathroom)
(in her head) Adik na yun.

Eds: Kelan pa kayo ni Ninang?

Rain: Why do you call her that? (tries to avoid personal questions)

Eds: She was my sponsor when I was joining the org. You didn't answer my question. Is it too personal?

Rain: Ah...hindi ko rin alam e. (puts a finger on his lips) Sikreto lang natin ha. But I met her through my bestfriend. They are officemates in Makati. My friend, Jes brought her over to my place in QC. We had a drinking party and before I knew it, I was hooked.

Ysa: Lagi talagang me uwi si 'Te Sammie. Opps.

Rain: (laughs) Okay lang. She already told me.
(in his head)
What level of slut do you have to be for people to actually say that about you so casually. Tactless din pala ang mga 'to. No wonder. With a big sister like Sam.

Sam: (comes back)

Rain: Bilis ha.

Sam: (whispers to his ear) You have no idea how fast I can really be.

Rain: (*lunok laway*) Ah ga-...

Sam: (puts her hand over his mouth) Don't even think about saying that.

Rain: (removes her hand) Naghugas ka ba?

Sam: Hinde.

Rain: (wipes his lips) Kadiri ka.

Sam: Maarte. Syempre naghugas ako. Kakain pa ako noh. Galit- galit muna, ayan na ang fudang. I'm famished.

Rain: (in his head) Kahit hanggang mamayang gabi pwede.

After the homecoming dinner and other churvalu...

Rain: Where to now?

Sam: Drinking session. I have to either be drunk or naked during this time.

Rain: That can be arranged. Gusto mo both pa eh.

Sam: Esusmi?

Rain: (laughs)

Sam: (on her phone) Hello, where are you guys? I want to get pissed drunk na?

Tomo: (on the phone) I am right behind you.

Sam: (turns around) TOMO! (hugs Tomo)
Perj! (hugs Perj) Dan! (hugs Dan)

Rain: (in his head) Chronic hugger!

Tomo: Hi Pare, Tomo, tol. (holds out his hand in greeting)

Rain: (shakes his hand) Rain, tol. Nice to meet you.

Perj: Lola, ipakilala mo rin kami.

Sam: Ay, oo nga. Rain, si Perj at si Dan, my grandkids. Syempre si Tomo, tropa ko since freshman year.

Perj and Dan: (waves at Rain) Hi.

Rain: Hi din.

Sam: Picture us.

Rain: (takes the picture) (in his head) Naturingang English teacher naglalapse ang grammar. Sobrang pa-cute. Bwisit.

Sam: Tara na. Moni. moni. moni. moni.

Perj: (joins in) Moni! Moni! Moni!

Tomo: Money nyo?

Sam: Accordin to tradition ikaw ang magpapainom. (laughs)

Tomo: Fine. Let's go. Baka magkaroon na naman ng krisis ng yelo.

After buying the ingredients to the "Traidor" drink they all went to Baks' apartment to mix and make the chicha.

Rain: (looks at the glass) Isang baso lang.

Perj: It's tradition. Bonding moments ito. Hindi paunahang malasing.

Sam: (nods in agreement)

Rain: Bakit ako ang una?

Sam: Welcome drink mo. To the Gamma Alpha Gamma Omega. G.A.G.O. fraternity.

Rain: (drinks) Di ba para lang sa lalaki ang frat? (coughs) (drinks)

Tomo: Hindi mo ba alam? Dating lalaki yan si Sam? Kaya nga Sam ang nickname nya. Ginawa lang Samantha nung nagparetoke na.

Rain: (laughs) Retokada. (points at Sam)

Sam: Hala. Mahina ka ba sa hard?

Rain: Hindi ah. Kayang-kaya.

Baks: Bantayan yan. Baka magkalat. Ikaw ate ang ipupunas ko pag nagsuka yan. (drinks)

Sam: (to Rain) Oh, wag ka daw magpapakalasing. (drinks)

Perj: Baka ma-rape ka ng hindi mo namamalayan. (laughs) (drinks)

Dan: Ohanga. Mabagsik pa naman yang si Lola. (drinks)

Sam: Shattap. (drinks)

Rain: Matibay ako. (drinks the first half) Kayang-kaya. (drinks the last half)

Tomo: Sabi mo yan ha. (drinks)

and the toma continues...


The next morning...

Rain: (awakens)
(holds his head) (tries to get up) Bigat...(sees hair) Whatdafak? (moves the head away) (gets up) Whatdaf--- (realizes he is naked)

(in his head) SHIT!


Disclaimer: This thing is completely fictional. I wrote with some of my friends' attitude in mind. But each person is a hodgepodge of many others. ^^ I tried to translate it to English (the taglish parts) but I found it less funny, so bear with the stupid translations. I didn't know what I was doing when I did that. ^^ If there are typos, forgive me. But feel free to point it out. If there is something in it that offends you, feel free to point it out. ^^ If there is something that makes you laugh, feel happy and suddenly nostalgic, feel free to point it out. Written: Feb 14, 2008 - Feb 2009

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